Best Bongo Drums 2022

Bongo drums are instruments which comprise of a pair of small drums which have open bottoms. Such instrument is being played in genres such as salsa, son Cubano, and Afro-Cuban jazz. Known for its distinct tone and its contributions to the rhythmic ensembles, bongo drums are indeed a great instrument to play with. However, choosing the most appropriate one might be difficult.On this article, we are going to identify ten of the best bongo drums in the market. Moreover, we will list down the characteristics which each of the products possesses.

What to Look for in Bongo Drums

Identifying the distinct characteristics that bongo drums possess is the first thing you have to do as a musician. This way, you will be ensured that you will be choosing the right set of bongo drums that would fit your own preference. Here are two of the features that you should look for when picking the best bongo drums.

The Materials Used

One specific thing that you must take into account when looking for a bongo drum is the materials used. The quality of the sound, the feel and durability varies depending on the material chosen to craft the bongo drums. For head, hides have a lot of natural variation, Natural hides produce a better sound and helps the bongos stay in tune longer. They should also have natural alteration in the color, because otherwise they have probably been bleached, which weakens the hide.The hardware should all be steel. There are some decent bongos with cast aluminum tuning rings, but aluminum from third-world countries often has lots of flaws and may be prone to breakage, so only accept aluminum on a high-end set of drums from a reputable company. But steel is the best option. Also, the shells should have no cracks or gaps, and should be made from hard wood or fiberglass. Soft woods are cheap and don’t project much sound. Knowing the materials used can also save you money because not all expensive bongos are that great

The Durability of the Bongo Drums

The durability of the bongo drums should also be taken into consideration. You should be thinking of how long-lasting your instrument would be. You should not only settle for a cheap set of bongo drums that would be destroyed in a couple of months. Check its construction and its workmanship. With a robust and durable construction, you are ensured that you will have an excellent set of bongo drums.

The features which were mentioned above are just some of the key features that you should take into consideration when picking the best bongo drums. It is worth noting that the end choice will still be dependent on your preference as the player.

All Bongo Drums

1. Remo KD-5400-01 Kids Percussion Bongo Drum

Our first product is the Kids Percussion Bongo Drum by Remo. It features a Skyndeep pre-tuned drumhead pitched high and low. It also features a fun Rainforest graphic. This Bongo Drum is a great way for children ages 3 and above to rhythm in a fun and engaging way. Constructed with Acousticon shells, the Kids Percussion Bongo is an important part of the percussion family of rhythm instruments and playfully introduces children to the basic building block of music, which is rhythm. This Bongo Drum is available in the size: 6″ / 5″.

Remo KD-5400-01 Kids Percussion Bongo Drum - Best Bongo Drums

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2. Remo RH-5600-00 Rhythm Club Bongo Drum

Another product from Remo, The Rhythm Club Bongo, features pre-tuned Suede drumheads pitched high and low, along with a vibrant Rhythm Club graphic. Equipped with Acousticon shells and a durable black molded rubber base, the Rhythm Club Bongo introduces children to the world of music in a fun, healthy and positive manner as the heads are also tuned during manufacture for maximum sound, allowing for a great musical experience. Another great feature about the Rhythm Club Bongo is that the synthetic head does not fluctuate in pitch with temperature and humidity changes. The Bongo Drum is also available in the size: 6″ / 5″.

Remo RH-5600-00 Rhythm Club Bongo Drum - Best Bongo Drums

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3. GP Percussion B2 Pro-Series Tunable Bongos

If you’re looking for a budget set of bongos or something for a beginning bongo drummer the Pro-Series Tunable Bongo Drum is perfect for you. This Bongo Drum is a 6 inch and 7 inch instrument which feature Hickory shells and natural hide heads; with a weight of 6.4 pounds and dimension of 16.5 x 8.5 x 7 inches. It includes 4 Tunable lugs per drum with tuning wrench. This Bongo Drum by GP Percussion has a Nickel-plated rim and a cast base rim. Clear finish highlights were also added to show the wood’s natural grain and protective rubber feet.

GP Percussion B2 Pro-Series Tunable Bongos - Best Bongo Drums

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4. Tycoon Percussion Ritmo Bongos

If you’re willing to spend some extra cash for Bongo Drums that are ideal for beginner percussionists then the Tycoon Percussion’s Ritmo Series Bongos is your cup of tea. It is constructed of aged Siam Oak, a sustainable wood which makes the product eco-friendly, with a 6” and 7” water buffalo skin head, they are also available in natural or mahogany. Light weight and easy to transport, these are the perfect pair of bongos for students. The Tycoon Percussion Ritmo Bongos have a vibrant and percussive tone to them due to the sturdy and detailed construction of the Drums.

Tycoon Percussion Ritmo Bongos - Best Bongo Drums

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5. Meinl Percussion HB100VSB Bongos

The superb craftsmanship of MEINL Headliner Series bongos dominates in sound quality, appearance and durability. These bongos are equipped with hand selected buffalo heads that are easy to tune and stay in tune, and they are also equipped with 8mm tuning lugs and black powder coated rounded rims for comfort when playing (tuning wrench included). These have outstanding acoustic properties and are durable enough for the heavier hitters. The shells are constructed of environmentally sustainable Rubber Wood that is lightweight and rugged with voluminous resonating tones that respond beautifully at any volume level. The MEINL Headliner Series Bongos have a heftier price tag but it makes up for the overall quality of the Drums, definitely worth your money if you decide to splurge on Bongo Drums.

Meinl Percussion HB100VSB Bongos - Best Bongo Drums

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6. First Act Discovery FB6125 Kids Bongo Drums

The First Act Discovery Kids Bongo Drum is a great way for your children to Discover music through Hand Percussion. The natural wooden bongos with pre-tuned heads are specially sized for kids and can stand up to the abuse from a toddler. The head is made up of real skin, which provides a rounder tone, and with the long-lasting construction, your money will be worth it and your child will surely love it. The raised shell design provides clear, full tones and its cool design makes it even more fun for children to use. The size is perfect for toddlers and it has not metal edges for added protection.

First Act Discovery FB6125 Kids Bongo Drums - Best Bongo Drums

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7. Toca 2100RR Bongo Drum

The Toca Bongo Drum is committed to being green. The wood they used was harvested from a plantation in Thailand, where their drums are then lathed and handcrafted by local musicians. The carefully managed resource is much easier on the environment than wood taken from primary forests. These are sturdy and heavy drums that are made well and sound great as well. The Toca Bongo Drums produce many different sounds and are very dynamic. The drums is come with stands, so that the drums are raised up and reverberate nicely. This bongo drums are perfect for beginner to intermediate players and the price is fair if you’re also in a budget and you’re looking for quality bongos.

Toca 2100RR Bongo Drum - Best Bongo Drums

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8. RockJam 100300 Bongo Drum

The Rock Jam traditional wooden bongo drums are a fantastic choice for students and beginners looking for a high quality product at an affordable price. The RockJam Bongo drums provide great tone and construction. Crafted from beautiful cuts of wood and fitted with 7″ and 8″ cow skin heads, these bongos also come complete with a tuning key and robust black bag with carry strap
– Perfect for slinging over the shoulder when on the move. The chrome fittings are not only appealing on the eye but they add durability to ensure your RockJam Bongo can sustain any environment. These bongos have a Natural Gloss Finish, they are Portable and instantly accessible to all age groups.

RockJam 100300 Bongo Drum - Best Bongo Drums

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9. Pyle PBND10 Bongo Drums

If you want to buy a well-made Bongo as a gift or simply for your own consider the Pyle Wooden Bongo drums. They are perfectly handcrafted pair of drums for beginners and experienced drummers. Crafted out of birch wood, this pair of drums is designed to have an amazing sound, thanks to the natural ‘true skin’ animal hide used in making the heads, the tunable heads with chrome-plated hardware all of which work together to give add a crystal clear acoustical percussion sounds to your music. The set also comes with two-toned wooden panels with glossy finish. It’s a very compact size and lightweight, which makes it relatively easier to be moved around.

Pyle PBND10 Bongo Drums - Best Bongo Drums

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10. LP ASPIRE Series LPA601 Wood Bongos

The LP ASPIRE Series Wood Bongos are surprisingly affordable standard sized bongos that offer a beautiful natural wood shell using Siam Oak, and features traditional style black powder coated hardware. These bongos have a 6-3/4″ and 8″ natural rawhide heads, 9/32″ diameter tuning lugs and Cuban-style steel bottoms (Tuning wrench is also included.) This bongo drum has a dimension of 9 x 19 x 10 inches and a weight of 4.41 pounds. Features include LP Aspire EZ-Curve metal rims and tucked heads. These are solid for students and intermediate players.

LP ASPIRE Series LPA601 Wood Bongos - Best Bongo Drums

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It should be noted that bongo drums are exceptional instruments due to their sounds. But due to the number of products available on the market, choosing the ideal one would be hard. Hence, careful scrutiny of each of the product would allow you to identify each of their distinct differences. It is vital to be aware of the different characteristics and features which are present in the bongo drums which are presented above so that you will be able to distinguish which among these is the most appropriate for your style.