Best Trombone Stands Review 2022

As a trombone players, you should be aware that you may need to take a rest after a long period of playing your instruments. And when you rest, there should be a special device where you should rest your instrument. This also goes true especially if you are a part of an orchestra, or you are a traveling performer. Trombone players, then, should avail of the best trombone stands. Indeed, trombones could be placed inside a bag or a case. However, if you want them close by, you may want to place your instrument on an appropriate stand.It might be difficult to decide on what product to use due to the number of models available on the market. Don’t worry because we will make it easier for you. On this article, we are going to help you solve your problem by identifying ten of the best trombone stands at your perusal. Likewise, we will list down the features which each of the products possesses.

What to Look for in Trombone Stands

The very first thing that you should do as a trombone player is to identify the features of the best trombone stands. There are those which could provide you with the elements that you need. However, there are also some which could only cause harm to you and your instrument. Choose the trombone stand that stands out. To be able to do so, consider these features when selecting for the best trombone stands.

Durability of the Stand

The primary thing that you should be looking for in trombone stands is their durability. You have to make sure that the materials and the construction are strong and robust. This way, you could use the stand for a long period of time. In addition to this, having a durable stand could also ensure you with a functional product that you could bring anywhere. This holds true, especially to traveling trombone players.

Portability of the Stand

Another feature that should be considered is the portability of the trombone stand. As a trombone player, you might be traveling from one place to another when you perform for various events. Therefore, you need a stand that is compact yet portable at the same time. It should be foldable so that you could conveniently place it inside a bag for easy transport.

These are just some of the features that should be noted when looking for the best trombone stands. It is worth noting that awareness of the vital features will make your job of choosing the most appropriate instrument easier.

All Trombone Stands

1. Hamilton Trombone Stand

The first product on our list is the Hamilton Trombone Stand. It is a trombone stand made by Hamilton, a brand noted for its quality and durability. It is also one of the oldest product companies in the United States. This model, in particular, folds to about 29 degrees. It has a durable powder-coated finish, so you are ensured that it would not wear out quickly`. This trombone stand supports both bass and tenor trombones. In addition to this, its collect adjustment is secure and fast.

Hamilton Trombone Stand, Black Finish

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2. K & M Trombone Stand

The K & M Trombone Stand is also a good choice if you are looking for the best trombone stands. It is made of fiberglass with a reinforced plastic base. It has foldable legs, making it compact than other products. Its plastic peg could be adjusted based on your preferences. This is due to the fact that this trombone stand has a non-marring height-adjustment mechanism. Sturdy and portable, this product could last a long time.

K&M - Konig & Meyer 14985.000.55 Trombone Stand - Industry Standard Fits Trombones and Marching Baritone Horns - Sturdy Folding Leg Base - Professional Grade for all Musicians - German Made - Black

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3. Hercules DS520B Trombone Stand

The Hercules DS520B Trombone Stand features a metal leg housing to ensure durability and safety at all times. This stand also features an EZ Top Bracket with two beveled slot in order to secure the slide braces. It comprises of a set of tripod legs, providing stability. Such legs could also fold up compactly. Furthermore, this trombone stand is sturdy. Consumers noted that it looks nicer than other trombone stands. They also said that it has top quality construction, making it an ideal product for long-term use.

Hercules DS520B Trombone Stand

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4. UMI Precision Trombone Stand

The UMI Precision Trombone Stand is one of the most stable trombones stands available on the market. It is designed to fit all models of trombones. This includes the symphony and jazz trombones. Moreover, this trombone stand features a rubber adjustable height bell cone which will not mar the bell finish. In addition to this, it consists of a wide stance tripod legs with rubber tips which provide extra stability. This specific brand is available in black finish.

UMI Precision Trombone Stand

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5. K&M Stands 14990.000.55 Trombone Stand

The K&M Stands 14990.000.55 Trombone Stand could also be a good choice for you. It features a non-marring rubber covering for supreme instrument protection. Its steel construction would ensure you that it is durable and sturdy. Its two-piece folding design fits most
– if not all
– types of trombones, including marching baritones. It has a brace construction, and you could fold it compactly. You could also adjust the height of this trombone stand from 21.85 inches to 34.055 inches.

K&M 14990 Portable, Adjustable-Black Finish Trombone Stand (14990.000.55)

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6. Nomad NIS-C022 Trombone Stand

You could also choose the Nomad NIS-C022 Trombone Stand as your stand. It features the cushioned spring-loaded bell mount which prevents the bell from scratching or slipping. It consists of three retractable legs which quickly extend into a wide-base position, providing proper support and stability. This trombone stand features a one-piece folding design which would allow you to easily collapse it for easy transport. This would be appropriate for traveling musicians.

Nomad Trombone Stand with Cushioned Bell Mount (NIS-C022)

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7. K & M Trombone Stand for Regular Bass Trombone

The K & M Trombone Stand for Regular Bass Trombone has a die-cast base which is sturdy and durable. Hence, you are ensured that your stand will be used for a long time. It features a two-section tubular extension. It also consists of a wooden peg with felt pads. This trombone stand is composed of foldable legs, making it portable and compact. This product is suited for trombone players who are always traveling.

K & M Trombone Stand Regular Bass Trombone

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8. K & M 15270B Trombone Stand

The K & M 15270B Trombone Stand has a patented wide base which adds to its functionality. You could adjust its height gradually depending on your preference. This trombone stand features a black plastic peg with felt pads which protect the instrument. In addition to this, this stand is compact and foldable for space-saving transportation in the instrument bell. This trombone stand fits all the way into the bell so that it will likely to work with any case.

K & M Konig & Meyer 15270.000.55 Trombone Stand | Fits Industry Standard Trombones - Marching Baritone Horns | Sturdy Folding Leg Base | Professional Grade For All Musicians | German Made | Black

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9. Hamilton KB510 Trombone Stand

This Hamilton KB510 Trombone Stand has a convenient display and storage, allowing you to keep your instrument in a case. Not only does this trombone stand hold your instrument in place, but it has also been designed to keep it in place. The lightweight channel design for legs and the rubber bell cup cushions hard landings keep the trombone stand stable. It is always reliable and safe. It could be used by aspiring musicians and professionals alike.

Other Drumhead Pack (KB510)

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10. Hamilton KB7010 System X Trombone Stand

The last product on our list is the Hamilton KB7010 System X Trombone Stand. It is composed of movable parts including the size of the bell bore adapter, the flair of the bell cup, the height of the stand, and the length of the bell bore tube. It is able to hold tenor and bass trombones well. The distinctive track design of the legs allows doubling pegs to be put anywhere. You can fold its robust design to a compact size.

Hamilton KB7010 System X Trombone Stand

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A trombone stands is indeed an important device that any trombone player needs. Hence, you have to ensure that you avail of the model that would suit your preferences. The brand might also have a bearing on the features present on these stands, you should consider the brands as well. Choosing the right features and brands could allow you to quickly identify the right trombone stand for you.Indeed, the best trombone stands come in various styles. After we have identified all features for you, you should already have a right product in mind. Be careful, because the ideal trombone stand would ensure you a hassle-free practice or performance on stage.