Best Drum Sticks [2022]

If you are a drummer, you surely do not want to miss out having the best drum sticks. It does not enough that you have the drum set, the drum stick is also a mandatory aspect when playing it. You hit the drums or the cymbals with it. You can even play with it by rolling it, especially when you are already performing on stage. Being a vital part of your performance, it is then important that you avail of the best drum sticks.

At present, there are a lot of drum sticks on the market. Each of these products has its own features which might benefit you as a drummer. To make things much easier for you, we have curated ten of the best drum sticks on the market. We will also discuss some of the features that you should see when rummaging through these drum sticks. This way, you will be able to choose the ideal stick much easier.

What to Look for in Drum Sticks

Before you consider buying the best drum sticks, it is important that you get acquainted with what an ideal pair of drum sticks should have. This way, you can conveniently pick the perfect instrument that would bring about a seamless drum performance. Here are just a few of the many features that you should look for when picking the best drum sticks.

Wood Material

Since most – if not all – drum sticks are made of wood, this should be first factor that you should consider. The type of wood used in the production of the drum sticks give a different feel. The feel of the stick has something to do with how it is able to absorb or transmit vibrations.The most common wood material in drum sticks are hickory, maple, and oak. We recommend using hickory because of its impact resistance and flexibility. Maple is lighter than hickory, delivering a larger diameter feel. Oak, on the other hand, is heavy and dense, allowing it to transmit more vibrations which in turn give drums a darker sound. Laminated birch is also gaining popularity sine it produces deep sounds from the drums.

Stick Tip

Aside from the wood material, it is important that you also notice the tip of the stick. The stick tip is a crucial feature since it affects the sound you will produce. First let’s dive into the shape of the tip. The most common shapes of the tips are ball, barrel, oval, and acorn. With ball tips, you will be able to create a bright contact sound since it has a small contact surface. Barrel tips create a dark contact sound because of its flat contact surface. Acorn tips, on the other hand, create a dampened contact sound.Conversely, the tips also have their own material. Depending on the material that you will use, you will also generate different types of sound. You could choose between wood and nylon tips. Wood tips product a dark contact sound. They are more natural and organic sounding. Nylon tips, on the other hands, sound brighter and more consistent.

The features that we have mentioned here are just some of the few things that you have to consider before buying the best drum sticks. Since these features are important in helping you choose the ideal pair of drum sticks, you have to see to it that the drum sticks that you have would have these features present so that you will be able to enjoy playing the drums.

All Drum Sticks

To help you in determining the ideal drum stick to use with your drum kit, we have identified the essential features of the ten best drum sticks you can find on the market. If you do so, you will be sure that you will have a pair of drum sticks that you can maximize its potentials. Better watch out for the distinct characteristics of these drum sticks so you could decide much easier.

1. Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks

Kicking off our list of the best drum sticks is the Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks. This is a classic pair of drum sticks with a 5A size. It consists of a wooden tip. It has a great balanced feel. So drummers who need drumsticks for fast action with an assurance of reduced wrist fatigue could have it. In addition to this, its price is worth it.

Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks

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2. Promark H-RODS Hot Rods Drumsticks

The Promark H-RODS Hot Rods Drumsticks is a unique pair of drumsticks. It is made from premium birch dowels that create a light sound. It features a smooth grip so that you can play it easily. Red plastic wraps hold the wood dowels together, providing a light sound with just enough texture. Moreover, the wrap improves the durability of the sticks. This particular product is ideal for acoustic performances.

ProMark Hot Rods Drum Sticks - H-Rods Dowel Drumsticks - Quiet, For Small Performances - 5B, 550' Diameter - 16' Length - 1 Pair

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3. Zildjian 5BNB Nylon Black Drumsticks

The Zildjian 5BNB Nylon Black Drumsticks are a consistent favorite among many drummers because of its features. This pair of drumsticks feature a medium-sized dimension. It even has a nylon tip teardrop bead. When you play with these sticks, the vibration through your hands would almost completely disappear. We do recommend it as a great pair of sticks for practicing. Lightweight and durable, it is a good product.

Zildjian 5BNB Nylon Black Drumsticks

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4. Donner Snare Drum Sticks

The Donner Snare Drum Sticks provide lightning speed play while delivering high quality sound. It is made from durable maple wood that is resistant to corrosion. The surface is polished, comfortable, and smooth. Plus, the feels of the sticks on the hand is great as it reduces wrist fatigue. Because of the features that it has, this pair of drumsticks is a great choice for new drummers.

Donner Drum Sticks, 3 Pairs 5A Drumsticks Classic Maple Wood Snare Drumsticks With Carrying Bag, Christmas Birthday Gift, Great Holiday

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5. ARLX Drum Sticks

We also think that the ARLX Drum Sticks are one of the best drum sticks on the market. It is made from hard maple, so you are sure that it is strong and durable. It also has a strong sense of gravity. Because of its natural finish, this pair of drum sticks is slip-resistant and comfortable to use. It is perfect for youth rock bands and drummers.

Drum Sticks 5A Wood Tip Drumstick (2 Pair Maple)

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6. Promark ActiveGrip Rebound Drumsticks

The Promark ActiveGrip Rebound Drumsticks are durable drumsticks with a heat-activate grip coating that grips stronger the harder you play the drums. This pair of drumsticks consists of reinvented acorn tip which provides a larger contact surface. This helps increase responsiveness and articulation. Its ActiveGrip feature provides a lacquered finish that will not interfere while you play. More professional players will surely love this.

Promark ActiveGrip Drum Sticks - Rebound 5A Drumsticks - For Secure, Comfortable Grip - Gets Tackier As Your Hands Sweat - Hickory Wood - Acorn Tip, Black, One Pair

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7. Vic Firth Corpsmaster Signature Snare

The Vic Firth Corpsmaster Signature Snare features a distinctive barrel tip and long taper for added control and quick rebound. This is generally made from hickory, a good wood option to suit your style. The hickory wood likewise adds power and strength so you can play to the best of your abilities. The surface coating is paint. The design reflects balance, sound color, and feel.

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8. LA Specials by Promark Hickory Drumsticks

The LA Specials by Promark Hickory Drumsticks are made of hickory, a popular wood choice for drumsticks like this because of its responsiveness, resilience, classic feel, and of course
– durability. The drumsticks likewise have a high standard of quality, consistency, and craftsmanship. So you can play with it all you want and it will not budge easily.

promark LA Specials Drum Sticks - 5B Drumsticks - Drum Sticks Set for Acoustic Drums or Electronic Drums - Oval Wood Tip - Hickory Drum Sticks - Consistent Weight and Pitch - 3 Pairs

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9. Rockstix LED Light UP Drumsticks

The Rockstix LED Light UP Drumsticks are quite different from the rest of the best drum sticks because it is made from strong polycarbonate. It lights up to every beat thanks to its bright blue motion-activated light-up feature. It even consists of frosted tips to help you up your game. The slow burn effect is something you can apply at the stage. It is ideal for when you are performing on stage, marching bands, and others.

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10. Andoer Nylon Drumsticks

Completing our list is the Andoer Nylon Drumsticks. This pair of drumsticks are made of durable and high-quality nylon. The tip is also made of nylon, offering you a bright and consistent sound. This product may be a great choice for beginners, but even professional drummers can use it as well.

Andoer Pair of 5A Drumsticks Stick with Lightweight Nylon for Drum Set Green

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Whether you are a professional drummer or still a beginner, it is important that you already have with you a quality set of drumsticks. Having a good one is a necessity since – as you have already known – it affects the quality of sound that you produce. So it is important to scrutinize through the list so that you will be able to gauge the ideal one with the right features.